Cosy Up In Tenby This Winter!

Oct 13, 2022

Double Room Chart House Tenby

It’s been an amazing summer here in Tenby and we’ve loved welcoming guests to Chart House from all over the UK and beyond. But now the seasons are changing we’ve been busy making a few subtle changes to each room, to ensure your stay is just as warm and welcoming for the winter months.

Soft lighting, luxurious winter bedding and traditional Welsh tapestry blankets help to add an extra cosy touch to our interiors. We particularly love the Welsh blankets, so much so that we’ve decided to dedicate our autumn blog to this very subject. Read on to discover how Welsh tapestry blankets have evolved to become a chic accessory found in exclusive hotels and stores throughout the world…

Wales’s textile heritage

Sheep farming has been an integral part of Welsh agricultural life since prehistoric times, and fleece produced during sheep shearing season has always been put to good use. The fleece is untangled, cleaned and sorted before being spun into yarn. Spinning was originally done by hand in countless rural cottages throughout Wales, where the gentle tap and whirr of a spinning wheel must have provided the soundscape to everyday life.

Yarn was then knitted or woven into cloth, creating anything from socks, shawls, scarves and bags. The industrial revolution of the nineteenth century heralded the arrival of mechanised textile mills; at the peak of the Welsh wool industry there were over 300 wool mills across the country.

Decline and revival

After the First World War the industry began to decline, hit by fierce competition from the north of England, and the global depression of the 1920s and early 1930s. Many mills closed down, yet a handful remained to continue the artisanal tradition, boosted by a boom in tourism before the Second World War.

This century there has been a revival in demand for Welsh textile products, in particular the beautiful tapestry blankets that have such a rich and interesting history. Individual weavers have always created their own unique patterns, and for generations the blankets have been given as wedding presents amongst Welsh families and handed down as heirlooms. Now there is a strong demand from interior designers and collectors for vintage Welsh blankets, while new designs have also seen a surge in popularity over recent years.

Tapestry blankets – why so special?

Genuine Welsh tapestry blankets are created using a double weave technique, which means that they are fully reversible with a distinct pattern on either side. They can be woven in myriad colours, from bold contrasting reds and greens to softer shades of pastel yellows and blues.

Whether used as blankets in the bedroom or throws in a living room, they add wonderful warmth and a dash of flair to any space. And with so many patterns to choose from, there are blankets to suit all styles of décor and colourways from traditional to contemporary.

On an environmental note, it’s worth mentioning that wool is a renewable and biodegradable resource, making it a brilliantly sustainable choice for anyone seeking to avoid man-made synthetics.

Visit a working mill near Tenby

Here in Pembrokeshire there’s a very special working mill, Melin Tregwynt, where you can see the traditional weaving process in action. Run by the same family since 1912, Melin Tregwynt is set in a tranquil wooded valley on the north coast of Pembrokeshire. It also has a great café and a shop which sells tapestry blankets alongside a host of gorgeous Welsh wool products including cushions, clothing and purses. Perfect for gift shopping during your holiday!

Tapestry blankets are also available at other independent stores, including the wonderful Welsh Otter, which has a showroom in Sergeant’s Lane near Tenby Harbour.

Book an autumn holiday at Chart House, Tenby

We’d love to welcome you to Chart House to experience a taste of laid-back luxury as the autumn nights draw in. Whether you’re looking for a short break or a longer holiday, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Please visit our bookings page Book A Stay ( Sleeps 6 ) for the latest availability and special offers.


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